Tyra Banks Philanthropy

Tyra Banks Philanthropy

Tyra Lynne Banks is a well known media personality, businesswoman, singer, and actress, although she is best known for her career as a model.

Born on the 4th of December 1973, Tyra Banks is the founder and host of the CW reality TV show, America’s Next Top Model; host of her own TV talk show, The Tyra Banks Show; as well as the co-creator of True Beauty.

Raised in Inglewood, California, she joined the Elite Model Management agency during her senior year in high school. Over the years, Tyra Banks became the recipient of numerous recognitions. She was hailed as the Supermodel of the Year in 2005 by the Michael Award and Woman of the Year in 2000 by Sports Illustrated.

In 1999, Tyra Banks successfully established the leadership and life skills development program, TZONE. The program was created for the primarily disadvantaged teen girls all over the greater Los Angeles area.

At present, the Tyra Banks TZONE Foundation has offered several useful resources to a number of community nonprofits. The members of the foundation are empowered to take control of their lives by engaging in several productive activities such as filmmaking, community activism, dance, sports, leadership, writing, and even entrepreneurship at an early age.

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