Steve Wozniak Philanthropy

Steve Wozniak Philanthropy

Born on August 11, 1950 in San Jose, California, Stephen Gary Wozniak, better known as the American computer engineer Steve Wozniak, is the cofounder Apple Computer, Inc along with Ronald Wayne and Steve Jobs. His inventions and machines are recognized for contributing to the 1970s wave of personal computers, with the Apple I and Apple II. After his career in Apple, Steve Wozniak gave a lot of money and a good amount of on-site technical support to the technology program in his local school district.

In 1985,Steve Wozniak, along with Steve Jobs, received the National Medal of Technology award from then President Ronald Reagan. In December 1989, he was awarded with an honorary Doctor of Engineering degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He also contributed funds to make “the Woz” Lab at the University of Colorado at Boulder. In 1997, Steve Wozniak earned a fellowship in the Computer History Museum, where he was a donor and patron to the San Jose’s Children’s Discovery Museum.

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