Sarah E. Johnson Redlich Philanthropy

Sarah E. Johnson Redlich Philanthropy

Sarah E. Johnson Redlich is the owner of Spike and Annie, a retailer and manufacturer of children’s and infants’ apparel based in Burlingame, California. She also was an Operations and Portfolio Manager for six years for Franklin Templeton until 1989.

Sarah E. Johnson Redlich has a degree in BS Biology (1982) from St. Lawrence University and is a Trustee of the institution and in 1998 was a Vice Chair of the Architectural and Physical plant committee. She was also a Board member of the San Francisco Lyric Opera and with Conservation International as a member of the sub-committee of the Chairman’s Council.

Sarah E. Johnson Redlich is a Trustee with Ethel Walker School as a member of investment committees and the fiscal management. The institution is based in Simsbury, Connecticut.

Charity efforts of Sarah E. Johnson Redlich

  • In 2002, she pledged $10 million to improve the science facilities of St. Lawrence University.
  • She also initiated a five-year program in Ethel Walker School to support the institution in maintaining quality education.
  • In 2005, she donated $1.85 million to the institution to bolster a funded professorship in St. Lawrence.
  • She donated $1 million to St. Lawrence University for the construction of the Johnson Hall of Science. The facility is named after her.

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