Samuel Truett Cathy Philanthropy

Samuel Truett Cathy Philanthropy

Samuel Truett Cathy is the founder and current chairman of the quick service restaurant chain, Chick-fil-A. The Atlanta, Georgia-based restaurant chain is famous in the state for specializing in various chicken entrées. Prior to becoming one of the giants in the restaurant industry, Samuel Cathy formerly worked for the Dwarf Grill.

Aside from his prominence in the fast-food chain industry, Samuel Truett Cathy is also famous for his numerous donations and contributions to charity. The entrepreneur’s idea of service goes beyond just selling boneless chicken sandwiches. Samuel Truett Cathy is also a philanthropist; he has dedicated much of his time and money to various philanthropic causes, especially those related to the welfare of needy children.

In order to maximize his support for charity, Samuel Truett Cathy established the WinShape Foundation, which recently provided around $18 million to fund the development of foster homes and a summer camp. Aside from that, the foundation’s hefty donations have also funded several college scholarships and marriage counseling programs.

Due to its contributions to charity, Samuel Truett Cathy’s WinShape foundation was awarded as the annual winner of the William E. Simon Prize for Philanthropic Leadership in 2008.

The altruistic businessman even goes beyond corporate philanthropy; it is a well-known fact that he has welcomed homeless children into his home and has taught in Sunday school sessions.

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