Robert Meyerhoff Philanthropy

Robert Meyerhoff Philanthropy

One of BusinessWeek’s consistent elite 50 most Generous Philanthropists, Robert Meyerhoff, has built his reputation on exemplary work ethic and magnanimity. Ever since 1945, he has unceasingly committed to making great things possible in both the arts and sciences. With his wife, Jane, he began his post-World War II art collection — which he later donated in its entirety to Washington D.C’s National Gallery of Art.

A historical figure in various sectors for charity,

As it evolved, Robert Meyerhoff’s initiative began to provide financial, academic, and guidance to both men and women from diverse backgrounds, all with a passion for the sciences as a common factor. Its graduates have all distinguished themselves in their respective fields, after making a name for themselves in exclusive top-tier universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Cornel, and Hopkins, among others.

The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology profiles UMBC as the top institution in the total number of undergraduate chemistry and biochemistry degrees awarded to African Americans and second in the total number of the same degrees for minorities.

UMBC also received a significant contribution for the chemistry and biochemistry facility renovations. It eventually became the Robert and Jane Meyerhoff Chemistry Building. This has been fitted with only the best teaching labs and instrumentation, a laser laboratory, new mass spectrometry facility, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers.

Coming into age during the Great Depression and World War II, Robert Meyerhoff comes from a generation dedicated to giving back to the country and local communities. Born in 1924, he was eligible for drafting. After his military service, he returned home to Baltimore where he entered the family’s construction business. Robert Meyerhoff is a civil engineer alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Professionally, he is well-known and held in high regard within the real estate development industry. His other personal pursuits are collecting art, thoroughbred horse breeding, and other philanthropic activities.

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