Courtney Sale Ross Philanthropy

Courtney Sale Ross Philanthropy

Courtney Sale Ross is the widow of Steven Ross, former chair and CEO of Time Warner Inc. Courtney Ross is best known for her work with The Ross School, the innovative facility for interdisciplinary learning that Courtney Ross established in 1991 at East Hampton, New York. In her commitment to improving education, Courtney Ross is also an intimate part of The Ross Global Academy and The Ross Institute. Before dedicating so much of her time to education and philanthropy, Courtney Sale Ross ran an art gallery in Texas. She has also produced Strokes of Genius, a six-part 1980 television series about expressionist painters, and the film Listen Up! The Lives of Quincy Jones, about the popular musician Quincy Jones.

In addition to The Ross School and the Global Ross Academy, Courtney Sale Ross also contributes philanthropically to the following beneficiaries:

  • In order to help underprivileged women, Courtney Sale Ross established the Courtney Sale Ross Scholarship Fund at the Tisch School of New York University.
  • She endowed the Courtney and Steven Ross Chair in Interdisciplinary Studies to Skidmore College. There is also a professorship for education and globalization bearing the Courtney Sale Ross name at the Steinhardt School of Education in New York University.
  • Courtney Ross is also interested in strengthening U.S.-China relations. Institutions in China benefit from her funding, such as the Shanghai Museum, where a state-of-the-art theatre is named in her behalf.
  • Since 1996, Courtney Ross has been at the helm of the Ross Institute for Advanced Study and Innovation in Education, a nonprofit research entity designated to search for innovative measures for education at the pre-college level. For the most part, the Ross Insitute aims to assimilate the best features of globalization in pre-collegiate education.
  • Courtney Sale Ross is also a benefactor to Harvard University, the University of Southern California and New York University.
  • Courtney Sale Ross was recently cited by the Bhutanese government for the Ross School’s innovative multicultural curriculum.

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  1. […] be made, the official were also in the presence of Nicole Ross, who is the daughter of the eminent Courtney Sale Ross. It of course was a great day for the school, and also for the people of the East end, and it is of […]

  2. I am requesting a meeting with Courtney to discuss with her projects CPES is developing that uses clean energy and our Enterprise Solution software methodology as a transparent “ground up” tool for transforming developing countries into middle class societies and markets. We are working in Indonesia, Africa, Haiti, Central and South America. I can come to NY at any time to meet and describe how our Green Economic Enterprise Communities can serve as ideal purveyors of the philanthropic services Courtney supports. The only difference is the communities we create with the local populations all make a profit. I can be contacted by email or called at (603) 226-1072. Thank you, Richard Swett

  3. mirna machado says:

    Dear Courtney:
    Hi!!hello!!, you have no idea how happy I am to finally contact you. I googled you, just out of having no other way, and, there you are, the succesful business woman I always knew you become, I am so proud. I would love to hear from you, after so many years,it goes without saying that I always remember you, too bad circumnstances drove us apart.

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