Bernard Osher Philanthropy

Bernard Osher Philanthropy

Bernard Osher is the co-Founder of World Savings. He started his career in business in the management of his family’s hardware and plumbing supplies store. From there, he joined Oppenheimer & Company and moved to New York. Later, he took his business sense westward to California and co-founded World Savings. World Savings is currently the second largest financial institution in the United States.

Bernard Osher became a name-worthy philanthropist in 1977. As an art enthusiast and advocate of good education, Bernard Osher decided to invest in the state of Maine and his foster city, San Francisco, by funding projects that involved education and the arts.

Founded in 1977, the Bernard Osher Foundation is devoted to five major areas of focus:

  1. Scholarships for Higher Education (Osher Scholars and Fellows Program)
  2. Scholarships for University Reentry Students aged 25 to 50 (Osher Reentry Scholarship Program)
  3. Programs addressing the educational needs of seasoned adults at institutions of higher education (Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes)
  4. Selected integrative medicine programs
  5. Arts and educational programs in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and the State of Maine

In 2006, the Bernard Osher Foundation spent a total of $723.2 million dollars in support of these and other programs. These initiatives have resulted in the creation of small programs in several institutions in the United States that promote lifelong learning.

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